Recovering data from a hard drive

Get Your Data Recovered No fix? No fee!

Staines Data Recovery are specialist in recovering data from any device that can store a user's data including Desktop PCs, Laptops, External Hard Drives, and RAID servers. We also recover data from USB Sticks and Flash Memory cards. We have 15 years experience to fall back on and complete 1000's of recovery jobs over the course of each year.

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Stack of hard drives

Failed RAID Server Recovery No fix? No fee!

Our experts have a detailed working knowledge of RAID systems gained over the last 15 years experience are can recover data from crashed RAID arrays including Raid 0, RAID 1 & RAID 5. We recover data from all RAID configurations regardless of their manufacturer and can even recover data even if the RAID Array has had been rebuilt.

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Data recovery centres nationwide

Twenty Nationwide Centres No fix? No fee!

We are 1 of 20 regional data recovery centres positioned across the United Kingdom. With branches in London (4 in London), Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Reading, Bracknell, Staines, Maidenhead, Belfast and Guildford.

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No Fix? No Fee!

We pride ourselves on a 99.9% recovery rate but sometimes the worst happens. If we can't recover it you don't pay for it.

Laptop data recovery

No Job Too Large or Small

We help clients from all corners of the business community to recover their data and also deal with queries from single users too.

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Super Quick Recovery Times

We offer the fastest and most comprehensive recovery service currently available in the UK.

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Our Stock Levels Have Just Increased!

We now have 20,000+ components and parts in stock with no need to outsource.

Staines Data Recovery – Taking The Pain Out Of Data Recovery

With a decade and a half's experience and expert engineers working with us, Staines Data Recovery can help to recover the data from a failing storage device. The process begins as soon as you contact us for a free No Obligation quote and we pride ourselves on delivering a fast, affordable and highly successful data recovery solution. Click here for more information...

Apple G5 & eMac Recovery

APPLE MAC G5 ISIGHT I have an iMac G5 iSight which is having some problems recovering data after it goes into hibernation. When I put the computer into sleep mode deliberately, it will wake up quickly when I press any key, but when it goes into hibernation after I have been working on it, it won’t always recover the data that I have recently saved to the computer. It is as though it has rebooted itself to an earlier restore point, although I have not asked it to do this. The data that I have lost recently includes some important […] Read More

Vaio Data Recovery

SONY VAIO FIT: I have been using a Sony Vaio Fit for about four weeks, and I have lost the ability to access the OS. What happens is that I load up the computer, and when it gets to the OS, opens the desktop and then puts a message up saying that it wants to restart in order to repair a disk error. I restart it, and it then demands another restart for a different reason. Whenever I upload, I just get to the same messages again and again, and cannot access either the start button or the documents. This […] Read More

Raid Controller Failure

RAID 5 CONTROLLER: I need help with a RAID 5 array which was set up using the Intel controller that is part of my PC’s software. I use this array to preserve information and data such as music and audio recordings, and the drives have a lot of important files which I have to preserve. The problems started when I wanted to update some drivers on the computer. The updates have worked normally, but now I cannot see any of the drives on the array. I have tried to recover the systems using programs from the internet, but they can […] Read More