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Netgear Data Recovery


I purchased a Netgear storage centre in the Turbo range about a year ago. It fitted in with the rest of the software I was using on my computer system, and as I did not need it for NAS, I did not worry too much about the complaints from some people that it did not work in Network Sharing. However, I recently wanted to add a laptop to the system, and this is where the problems began. The Netgear external hard drive was usually visual to me before the new device was installed, but afterwards, it seems as though it has become invisible. It does not show up on network folders, and the computers cannot ‘see’ it in the normal course of events. In order for it to become visible, I have to go into disk manager, and then assign the drive a letter. Then, the Netgear will be visible to that one computer, for that one time. It also means that I cannot transfer data over between the two computers, since the particular software will only see what it has sent to the hard drive.


I needed a small storage centre with network sharing to connect a computer and 2 laptops which I use for work. I bought the Netgear Turbo because I thought that this would be the best device for the money. However, I have always had a problem with slow copying, and last week this developed into a serious problem after a power surge, or something. The Netgear was uploading some files which I wanted to save in a secure location, and there was a very slow progress on the copying bar. As the bar was about half-way across, the hard drive light suddenly went out completely, followed by it turning itself on and then glowing red. I cancelled the copy, and immediately turned off the Netgear. However, when I turned it back on, the drive letter had disappeared, and there were no files available on the device. I know that the disks use proprietary software, which means that I cannot get into the disk using another enclosure or system from another company recover my files?