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Hard Drive Data Recovery Emails

I wonder if you can help me please. I am running the computer requirements of a small business through a networked storage array using RAID 1. All has been running well for months until last week when I started getting messages from the RAID controller telling me that one of the Seagate SATA drives (four of them in total) had developed a fault. I checked things out and could see no problem so simply reset the RAID controller and told it to ignore the warnings. All was well for a few hours until the warning appeared again only this time the RAID controller told me that the disc (Array 0001, port 3) was becoming more and more degraded. I have run all of the diagnostics programs that are available for the RAID server including the Windows ones as well and they report all is well. However the system is crashing on average once a day and displaying the Blue Screen of Death. I have everyone come off the server and restart and the problem seems to be cured but only for an hour or so and then it returns. Now though it has gotten worse as the RAID controller is telling me that each of the arrays is failing intermittently and members of the workforce are reporting that their data is either not being saved to or is not accessible from the NAS. What’s going on and can I get the data back that they seem to be missing?

Can you help me with a problem I’m having? I am – or was – using a Western Digital WD5000 external hard drive connected to my pc using USB 2.0. It used to be a great little drive and was really reliable wherever I took it (and believe me it has done some travelling). Now though when I switch on my computer the computer won’t recognize it and using the diagnostic tools that come with it (in this case a program called Lifeguard) the diagnostics recognizes the drive but it refuses outright to tell me anything about the drive. I can’t find out how much space is on it, what the serial number is, nothing? I’m wondering what to do with the drive as I have saved a lot of stuff on there. I don’t want to just bin it because that represents hundreds of hours worth of work just wasted. Is there anything you can recommend that might allow me to at least access the drive? Someone I know suggested possibly removing the drive from its housing and trying to connect it to the pc internally by connecting it directly to the motherboard’s USB but I’m not sure how to do it and it all sounds as though it might end badly. I’ve tried updating drivers for Vista as well but to no avail.