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IBM Deskstar 60GB HD
I have recently got a hold of an IBM Deskstar 60GB ATA hard drive, and I am experiencing issues with it. Initially I have suspected that the motherboard on my system is the issue, so I attempted to fix by getting a BIOS update. I don’t think the motherboard is the problem now, since my sister recently needed to have her hard drive checked, and I got to switch the IBM hard drive with hers. When I did that my computer worked! I no longer experienced frequent crashing, intermittent hanging, and even general boot failures. Those seem to be all too common with the IBM hard drive I have. So I checked out all the available IBM software and tested the hard drive. The test results come back positive that I had a failed hard drive.

IBM 300GB 15K 6Gbps SAS 3.5″ Hot-Swap HDD
The company I work for has recently ordered an IBM X3650 M3 server with ten IBM 300GB 15K 6Gbps SAS 3.5″ Hot-Swap Hard Disk Drives. I chose to install an SR5014 card with the X3650 M3 server and insert it in the default RAID slot, while the 2nd RAID card uses the PCI-e expansion slot. IBM server worked without any problems for 18 months, now the system does not detect some of the hard disk drives. When I try to swap the cards in the RAID slot and PCI-e expansion slot, I cannot access the RAID setup by using the keyboard shortcut. I can’t even see the hot key when I go through the Legacy boot. During boot process, the green lights for all ten hard drives appear during the boot process. The problem appears after the 2nd phase, since the power lights disappear on two hard drives.