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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I have a Compaq Evo D 500 which I bought second hand and used it for a few years. I got a new Compaq PC and put the old computer to one side. However, when I try to get into the old Evo to access some data that I need, nothing is working. I cannot see anything there. I know that the lights on the machine, including the motherboard, the CD Rom and the Power cables are all turned on. However, the hard drive light is not working, and I suspect that the drive itself is also not working. I also cannot get the keyboard to work properly.


I have a Compaq Evo D500 which is showing some problems. I had an incident which meant that I had to work in safe mode. I then did a system restore in Safe Mode which seemed to work correctly. However, while I was doing another operation in safe mode, the system suddenly shut down for no reason, and now I cannot even get it to the point where I can choose to work in safe mode. There is a small LED on the front of the hard drive which is constantly blinking now, which it did not do before, and I think that the hard drive itself is whirring around constantly. I was working fine in Safe Mode, and thought that I had solved the problem which was occurring there, but it seems as though it is continuing to cause me problems. I don’t know exactly what I am supposed to be doing with the system in order to get it working right. However, the problem is that I cannot manage to operate the computer, I cannot now get into it at all, which also means that I cannot get into BIOS to access my data.