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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I need some assistance with an IBM server in the 225 X series connected to a Raid 5 array. I am having a problem with the server, which keeps reporting that at least 2 of the drives on the array have failed. I have a 3 disk Raid 5 system, and drive 1 and drive 2 are now being reported as degraded according to the server. The message has now changed to ‘defunct’, which sounds about as bad as it gets. I have checked the drives in BIOS, and also in Drive Manager, and while the tests say that the drives are readable, I can’t see any of the data which should be on them. I have several folders on the server which contain family photographs and other mementos, and which are invaluable. I don’t have a backup, and they can’t be replaced, so I need to get the data off this drive, immediately.


I am using a Gateway Server 9210 connected to a RAID 5 array containing 3 disks. I also have a small bus system in place. The problem started when one of the drives in the array failed, and then a backup drive which also served as my operating system drive failed at the same time. I decided that I would buy one hard drive, and make the Gateway my new, main server for the computer. I put the drive into the server, and removed the drive which was not working. I was expecting the system to start a rebuild which could lead to data recovery, or so I hoped. This has not happened, and instead the server is not responding to any external commands. The computer has also gone blank, so I cannot get into BIOS or into a login screen in order to recover the data, because the main OS drive of the computer is the one that had previously failed. I have to get the data back from the drives somehow, as much of it can’t be replaced.