Apple G5 & eMac Recovery


I have an iMac G5 iSight which is having some problems recovering data after it goes into hibernation. When I put the computer into sleep mode deliberately, it will wake up quickly when I press any key, but when it goes into hibernation after I have been working on it, it won’t always recover the data that I have recently saved to the computer. It is as though it has rebooted itself to an earlier restore point, although I have not asked it to do this. The data that I have lost recently includes some important documents that I have been working on for my employers, and they are essential. I saved them to a specific place in the file directory, but when I look for them, I am not able to find the documents in that location.


I recently bought an old eMac desktop computer from a school sale. The data was not completely removed before the sale, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Perhaps the most important problem is that I am only able to use the kids’ account, which is restricted, and can’t log on to the teacher’s user account. I think if I could somehow delete the teacher’s account, I would be able to set up a new desktop under my control. When I try to access this teacher’s account, the computer repeatedly blocks me, even though the school gave me all the passwords and usernames. I don’t know how to find out what I need to enter in order to get around the teacher’s account. I want mainly to recover the data which is on these OS so that I can use it to clear out the Teacher’s account and create my own account as the primary. What I want to know if you can recover the data from the teacher’s accounts so that I can get into it from a third account created by me?