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Mac Hard Disk Drive Misgivings:

Apple Mac computers are almost as popular as Windows-based desktop PC and as a result we see a lot of problems here at staines data recovery with hard drives that have failed for a variety of different reasons. Common faults with Mac hard drives are bad sectors, an inability to mount the drive at startup and general hardware failures just like those you would find in a desktop PC. However what sets Apple Mac computers apart from desktop PCs is the difficulty with which many people have gaining access to a hard drive to replace it.

Questionable Mac System Startup:

If you have an Apple Mac and find that you have difficulty starting it up then there may well be an issue with the hard drive. If you find at the startup screen a circular icon simply goes round and round then you could be in the first throes of a hard drive failure which might ultimately result in the loss of your data. Sometimes a Mac will start up and allow you access to the desktop but once here you will find that you are unable to do anything further. Using applications and indeed identifying a hard drive may prove impossible and if this is the case then we strongly advise powering down the machine and leaving it to the experts. We have 15-years worth of experience with Apple Macs and a myriad of problems associated with their hard drives.

Mac Hard Disk Drive Intrusive Electronics Failure:

Although there are differences in the software and hardware that allow an Apple Mac to run, a lot of the components are very similar to those used in desktop Windows PCs. Hard drives within Apple Macs can fail as a result of problems originating on the printed circuitry fitted to the drive which allows it to communicate with the motherboard. Indeed some hard drives – as opposed to having the firmware written onto the platter – have the firmware installed onto the PCB in the same way as you would expect to find it inside a mobile phone.

Mac Hard Drive Firmware Discrepancies:

One of the most vital components in a Mac’s hard drive is the firmware. Firmware is to many people an insignificant little program but this little program carries a hefty punch and allows the hard drive to communicate with the motherboard and allows you the user to read to and access information on the drive. Without the firmware a great many hard drives simply refuse to function and it is to this end that we are here to help should you encounter a data loss hardship because of firmware. We recommend that if you are not comfortable trying to install or replace existing firmware that you contact us and we will be more than happy to help as well as making sure your data is safely recovered.

Mac OS Reporting Errors With Internal HDD:

As with Windows-based PCs Apple Macs report errors with internal HDDs. This may appear on the screen as a dialogue box that asks you to proceed or to shutdown if the error(s) it finds are severe enough. Hard drive errors can be caused by a great many things but the most commonly observed are bad sectors, faulty ribbon cable connections, incorrect jumper settings, right through to the inadvertent deletion of important system files. If you are in the process of using your Apple Mac and are presented with a dialogue box that requests you shutdown to prevent the loss of data we recommend you do so. Contact us for further advice and help in recovering your data should the disk be inaccessible afterwards.

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