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Mac Recovery


I need assistance with an iMac which keeps trying to repair the hard drive inside the computer. Each time I plug in a USB to the port, or run a DVD, I get a message from the Disk Utility, which says “Disk Utility stopped repairing Mac Hard drive“. It then says that it can’t repair the disk, and that I should back up the files and reformat the disk. There are about 100 files on the hard drive, and I can’t seem to transfer them out to the USB port, because of this message. I also see that the computer is adding files to the hard drive, one about every three minutes. I don’t know what files are mine, and which have been added more recently by the computer, since they are all jumbled together. I tried to run Disk Doctor in order to remove these extra files, but it has not worked. The hard drive has now stopped mounting into Finder. I don’t want to preserve any of these added files, and I am concerned that the files contain some kind of virus which will be carried in the USB if I save these files there. Can you recover my files and avoid these added files?

iMAC OSX 10.6

I am running an iMac which uses OSX 10.6 running on an external drive. I have been using the computer this way for a few months, and have saved a lot of data to the internal hard drive. However, yesterday I suddenly noticed that there were some folders which should have had files in them, but now are completely empty. When I look at Get Info through Finder, I see that the folders have ‘0 files’. I had saved some important work to these folders, and there is no backup of these files. This means that the only copy I have of files which are essential to my job are now lost. I have tried to find them using Disk Utility, but got an error message saying that the disk could not be unmounted. I had not realised that it was planning to do an unmount, as I wanted to preserve the data. I decided to turn off the computer, and then reboot it. However, when I turned it back on, the hard drive is not available in Finder, and the power light is out at the front. I try to get it to work, and there are faint clicking noises to begin with, and then absolute silence.