External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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External Hard Disk Drive Calamities:

External hard drives are as much part of the computer setup now as an internal hard drive or a CD/DVD ROM drive. And with this in mind it is important to understand some of the reasons why such a device might fail. As with an internal hard drive there are lots of small and delicate components that need to operate in tandem and it is not unheard of for one or more of these parts to stop functioning. The reasons are many and sometimes amount to nothing more than failure due to general wear and tear. Even the firmware – dedicated software either written to or hardwired into the hard drive – can be the cause of an external hard drive failure. Regardless of the reason though staines data recovery are on hand with our experts and their wealth of experience and knowledge to make sure you don’t lose your valuable data

External Hard Drive Internal Mechanism Breakdown:

If you have been using your computer lately and have noticed a louder than normal noise being generated by your external hard drive then it is possible that it is suffering from some kind of fault. Certainly the chances of a catastrophic crash are very high if such a noise can be heard. It may be intermittent or continuous but either way that noise is telling you something isn’t right within the mechanics of your external drive. It is normally a precursor to a drive fail caused by platter or actuator arm misalignment or that the ultra-thin magnetic layer covering each platter is degrading. If you have noticed such a noise we highly recommend powering down the external hard drive and seeking advice. We at staines data recovery are here to help you diagnose and repair the fault if possible but more importantly retrieve your most up to date data

External Hard Drive Ribbon Cable No Longer Carrying Data:

If you have ever seen inside a computer you will have undoubtedly noticed thick grey cables that connect to your hard drive from the motherboard. These are ribbon cables and it is through these that the information and data you read, write and store is sent. Problems can occur with this ribbon cables within the caddy of an external hard drive unit just as they might within a computer case. The cables can become kinked; snap and the delicate wiring inside can become exposed. A powerful surge of electricity can melt the wires inside the grey outer casing or simply through over use they can become lose and fail to stay connected to the drive. Whatever the reason for the ribbon cable failure it can be difficult to replace especially inside an external hard drive caddy. It is not recommended opening up such a device without the requisite experience so we are here to offer you our assistance when it comes to ribbon cable failures. You can contact us at staines data recovery

External Hard Drive Firmware Problems:

Within every hard drive – internal or otherwise – there is firmware. Without firmware these devices would not communicate with the operating system you use or the motherboard through which they all are connected. Firmware is required to tell the HDD to send and receive information via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, fire wire or any other input that might be used. It is also there to tell the drive at what speed it should be spinning; be that 3200 or 7600RPM. If the firmware attached to your external HDD fails then you will most certainly experience difficulties but unlike a physical error there may be no audible warnings; the hard drive may simply stop functioning. If your hard drive has simply ceased to function contact us at staines data recovery so that we can establish the exact cause of the problem and also make sure that – firmware or not – our team of experts can recover your data

External Hard Drive Operating Below Par Due To Operating System Conflict:

Your operating system is at the very heart of how your computer functions. Be it a Windows-based machine or an Apple Mac that operating system will take all of your other pieces of software and allow them to work in partnership with each other by routing their commands and requests. But as it does this it also looks to each of the major components of the computer to ensure that everything is communicating correctly. And if there is a problem through which the operating system is unable to communicate with a device, such as your external hard drive, and then the chances are it will fail to recognise it. Many people would say unplug everything, plug it all back in and try again and there is a small percentage of individuals that would work for; but for the most part if your operating system fails to recognise your HDD then there is a problem. If this is happening to you then please do contact us here at staines data recovery and we will be only too happy to help

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