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Recurrent Camera Memory Card Problems:

A memory card is a flash memory device that we have been using for some time now to save and record our happiest moments as they happen. They also are used to store valuable information garnered on the move in the process of our everyday jobs so their reliability and stability are something we all take seriously. Memory cards unfortunately are easily damaged because of their size and also the complexity of their components. They are often damaged by accident, left near direct sunlight or extreme cold, or exposed inadvertently to magnetic fields.

Camera Memory Card Binary Digital Write Problems:

When you save information to your memory card the information is broken down into a series of 0s and 1s and then these numbers are replicated as 0x100 plus 1×200 and so on. Once this information is stored on your memory card it can be read via a memory card reader which can be built into your computer or added on externally using USB. The data on the drive is then rebuilt, uncompressing the binary numbers until the information you originally saved is visible in the form you know it. However sometimes problems can occur in the production of a smaller binary file if the so-called floating gates or thin oxide layer on the memory card are damaged or corrupted.

Camera Memory Card Clock & Command Pin Destruction:

You may not have paid a great deal of attention but there are a series of small pins on the end of the memory card which make a connection when you place them into a card reader. These pins are what carry the information back and forth from memory card to the device you are using and it is a known problem that we at have encountered over many years. The pins can simply be damaged by nature of being bent or can corrode if the card is not properly stored; this making the reading of data impossible.

Accidental Removal Of Data From Camera Memory Card:

We recommend that if you have accidentally deleted the contents of your memory card you remove it immediately from the device you were using it in and keep it somewhere safe. Do not try and copy new information to the memory card as it will make it virtually impossible to retrieve it. The same applies if you should accidentally format the card. If you do either of these two things please contact us as soon as you can and we will do everything in our power to help reunite you with your missing data.

Memory Card Reader Not Recognising Camera Memory Card:

One of the reasons why a memory card might not be recognised by its host is degradation. All devices used to store and retrieve information eventually degrade; it is simply a sad fact when it comes to this sort of technology. That said however other than general wear and tear and age there are a variety of other reasons as to why a memory card might not be recognised. Amongst these it can be said is an inability on the part of the operating system you are using to recognise the memory card because of its format. If you are using a memory card that was formatted using Windows 98 for example you may find that more recent versions of Windows may have difficulty acknowledging it. However before you format the memory card or discard it completely consider if the information therein is important to be saved and if so please do not hesitate to contact us at

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