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Camera Data Recovery


I have a 32gb Sandisk memory card which is used in my Nokia camera. I have been using it like this for several months, but am not able to get the card read by any of the other devices I used to read my card data. This includes my computer, a printer which has an internal card reader, and a USB card reader. I can also use a secondary camera as an attachment to the computer. However, none of these devices will read the Sandisk card. I am just not able to get it to open up and read the photographs which I know are on there. The computer does not report any problems reading the card, but when I look on the system, it seems as though the card folder is completely empty. I am not able to view the files which would normally hold the photographs. It is as though the card is a blank which has never had any files on it.


I have a Lexar memory card which I use in my digital camera. I have not used it a great deal, only for several special events, and I have been paid sums of money to take the pictures on those occasions. I need to be able to download the data so that I can prevent disappointment, and also ensure that I don’t have to compensate clients for their loss. The problem is that, whenever I put the card into the card reader, the computer says that the card has an error, specifically that the ‘Disk in Drive J cannot be read’. I am then told that I must format the card. I know that this would remove the images on the card that I want to keep, and I really need to be able to recover as many of these pictures as possible. I have several hundred pictures on this camera, and need to be able to extract the great majority of them.