Raid Controller Failure


I need help with a RAID 5 array which was set up using the Intel controller that is part of my PC’s software. I use this array to preserve information and data such as music and audio recordings, and the drives have a lot of important files which I have to preserve. The problems started when I wanted to update some drivers on the computer. The updates have worked normally, but now I cannot see any of the drives on the array. I have tried to recover the systems using programs from the internet, but they can only see the RAID 0 partition disk, which the programs say is corrupt, and there is no sign of the whole RAID 5 array including the RAID 1 disks. I can’t use the RAID 0 drive and without the other disks the data is not visible. I want to recover all of the parts of this array, because it contains these important files, and data which I can’t afford to lose.


I have built a RAID 5 configuration using a 3-drive array connected to an old HP laptop. I made the RAID 5 using two partitions in the drives, the first being a RAID 0 with two partitions, and the second being the RAID 5 sections. After I had finished the build I decided to test out the process by copying a few data files to the RAID 5. This data was important but I thought that everything would be fine. This went well as far as I had got, but I then made the mistake of deleting the RAID 5 partition using ACU. When I went to view the data again, I found that it had been lost, and only a small area of one drive was available to me. It seems that around 50gb of information is available from a 250gb disk, and the remainder of the partition is not there. I tried to do a RAID recovery on the system in order to get back the data that I had on the disks, but this didn’t work. I am not able to extract much data from either of the drives.