Vaio Data Recovery


I have been using a Sony Vaio Fit for about four weeks, and I have lost the ability to access the OS. What happens is that I load up the computer, and when it gets to the OS, opens the desktop and then puts a message up saying that it wants to restart in order to repair a disk error. I restart it, and it then demands another restart for a different reason. Whenever I upload, I just get to the same messages again and again, and cannot access either the start button or the documents. This means that I can’t get to important data which is on the computer, including photographs and documents that I need for my work. While this cycling is continuing, I am not able to do anything, and am finding it hard to get into any of the screens which would allow me to recover the data.


I have been using a Sony Vaio Pro laptop, which has lost the OS from the drive. There is some kind of recovery disk installed on the computer, which I can always use, but the main problem is that the remaining parts of the hard drive contain a lot of data which I want to preserve. The computer won’t allow me to access the hard drive through the BIOS screen, as it wants me to install a recovery disk or OS disk into the CD drive, and won’t acknowledge that the hard drive is there. This also means that I can’t open up any of the document folders, some of which is quite important. I think that it is some kind of hard drive failure which is causing the problems, but I don’t know what to do in order to recover the data which is on that drive.