Case Study 2: Sector Problems on a Synology DiskStation

Client had a 4 disk Raid 0 Synology DiskStation. The Synology DiskStation NAS system was working fine for years but over the last few weeks the client notices data was going missing, office docs would go missing, emails would get lost etc. It all seemed to stem from the fact that the Synology DiskStation was restarted without powering it down and this seems to have caused all the problems. There was 745GB of data on the Synology DiskStation 2 weeks ago and now there is only 521GB of data on Synology DiskStation. It seems like over 200GB of data has gone missing into thin air.

We received in the 4 disks from the Synology DiskStation and diagnosed that the 4 disks had sever sector problems. This means the hard drive could not read some of the data stored on the disk platters due to the bad sectors. We imaged all 4 disks and got a 100% image, and processed the data to recover all the data including the lost data for the client.

* If your Synology DiskStation data goes missing without warning please contact us for a data recovery quote.