Case Study 3: Windows 2003 Server – Local Photography Business

Windows 2003 Server running a raid 5 system with 4 scsi disks. This system was for a local photography business that stored all their photo shoots on this server. There was 4 recent wedding shoots that was not backed up anywhere else. On a Monday morning system failed and reported one disk had failed. The client replaced the damaged disk with a new disk and run a rebuild. Rebuild completed 100% and then server would not start. It reported another disk had failed. Client replaced damaged disk with a like for like disk and started the rebuild process again. Again the rebuild process completed and server rebooted but now will not boot up. It is reporting all disks are online but cannot boot into windows. Now another disk was blinking a code, the code is a yellow light then a green light.

We received in the 4 original scsi disks and the 2 new scsi disks for recovery. We imaged all working disks and started work on the 2 original disks that failed. The 2 scsi disks had a motor and a failed read/write head assembly. We completed a platter exchange on both disks and imaged them 100%. We then recoded and recompiled the raid parity to extract 95% of the data. We recovered the 4 wedding shoots that was critical to the success of the recovery.

* We specialise in recovering data from failed rebuilds even if there has been more than one failed rebuild of the raid system!