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Buffalo Data Recovery


I have an office which is using a Buffalo Linkstation Duo, RAID 1, and with 2x2TB drives. All of the files which I create are saved to the Linkstation through the NAS system, and everyone accesses them as they choose. We have suffered a number of power failures in our location, and occasionally when recovering from these failures, the Linkstation, and also another one which we had previously, displays an error message which says that the RAID array is not able to be mounted. Sometimes, we have to send the Buffalo Linkstation away in order to recover from this problem. On the occasions when this has happened, we have got data back which is missing important files, with some of the folders or files not opening at all. This means that our company are losing a significant amount of information, and sometimes there are no backups from individuals’ computers. We need the data back as we cannot suffer a serious data loss like this.


I am using a Linkstation WXL device from Buffalo as my main backup hard drive. I have used it for about a year, and there have been no problems until now. Recently, when I decided to turn the device on, and do some backup, the computer suddenly reported that it was missing from the Network, and now it seems to have vanished from all of our devices, including the NAS. We have been unable to get any response from it, or to it, from that day. It does not appear in the computer list on the Network, and when we try and link to the IP address, there is a message saying that it is ‘Unable to Connect’, or that the “Device is taking too long to respond”. However, when we look at the webpage of the router which is connected to the Linkstation, we can clearly see it, listed as a Client. We can ping from the router, and get a reply message. However, not one of the laptops can view it, and the administrator is also not able to connect to it, either through the computers or on the webpage. Please help me to recover my data, and the Linkstation drives.