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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I bought the D-Link DNS 323 recently in order to have a safe place to store a lot of files. I have a large media centre which I use to save data. A number of the files are in different languages, because I use these in the course of my work. I set up the storage unit as instructed, formatted the drives, this was all fine. However, when I came to save the files, I noted that some were taking a long time to copy. I have looked at several in the D-Link drives, and some of them have not been stored as copies. The D-Link has changed the file names, often shortening them rather than saving them as they should be. This means that I have problems when working on the files, as obviously working on the original, and then saving them and the copies means that I get back a ‘corrupt file’ response, or the D-Link just cannot find the file. This is clearly not acceptable, and I need to get some help in recovering the old file names. I want to save the data, yes, but I also need to get back the right names for each file, as the library contains 1000s of files, and I can’t wade through them all looking for something that the D-Link has changed.

D-Link DNS 323

I have been using a D-Link DNS for about a year now, and I was pretty happy with it until recently. I had installed data on it, and everyone in the family was using it to stream stuff to and from the NAS. It was all going fine, until one day it stopped suddenly, and won’t work again. The warranty is just out on it, which sounds about right, and I can’t get it repaired near my home by any of the Local Computer Shops. What is happening when I plug in the D-Link is that it starts up, and connects to the network as it used to do. It stays this way for about 3 minutes, and then disconnects. Once it has disconnected, there is no way to reach it. I have to turn it off and reboot it again in order to get the link, which then disconnects shortly afterwards. I have not changed the router, or any other part of the network, prior to it not working. Now I have changed the cables and so on in order to try and get it functioning somewhat, but this is now not functioning at all. Can someone help me to recover the D-Link.