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Hitachi LifeStudio Desk 2TB
I took on a new 2TB Lifestudio Desk from Hitachi (HGST and apparently now under WD as well) and just to tell you the amount of usage this gets on a regular basis. I only have high quality, large file HD movies installed on, along with archived copies of photos and other family videos. Mostly though this unit is primarily used to watch movies on. I find it concerning that after the 6th month of using it – it has started to get worryingly hot during operation. I’ve never really noticed this before as we usually just turn off the laptop and I never noticed if the hard drive was overheating then. When it overheats the connection would drop. It done this for a few days and then the hard disk would not connect at all.

Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus, 500GB
I got the Mobile Plus on sale (although in hindsight, I really should’ve gone without the discount and gone for the larger capacity Desk Plus). Anyway, I use the mobile plus at my apartment, used without the stand so it lies on its back (I have a cat and it worries me that she’ll somehow knock it over). Operation seems to be normal except when I am using the USB key that comes with it. It’s a 4GB capacity and it overheats when connected even for as short as 5 minutes. I’ve read somewhere that the magnetic stick only connects to the LifeStudio in one way (where the white strip is on) and I ALWAYS have it on that way, so it can’t be that I’m not connecting it right. The files are not accessible, I’ve stopped using the USB key altogether.