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Samsung Hard Drive Data Recovery Emails

Samsung X Series X20 HDD
I was helping my sister with her laptop since she wanted to install some codecs on the media player and she wasn’t very familiar with how it is done. We turned on her laptop and as usual, we were asked to key in the password. After pressing enter, the laptop froze and just shut down. I restarted it but when it opened, it said that the operating system cannot be found. Of course, it didn’t load Windows like it usually does. To figure out what was wrong, I went to BIOS. I found there that the hard drive is not detected, which caused the laptop not to find an operating system. I don’t why the hard drive isn’t recognized anymore because I just used it yesterday and it was still okay then. I unplugged the hard drive and plugged it back in just to check that it wasn’t loose. The problem is still there. I checked that the drive is spinning so I am sure that it is getting power from the laptop. I was thinking of using a Windows Recovery disk but since the hard drive cannot be detected this will now work, now I need some professional data recovery help.

Samsung P3 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive
My Samsung P3 portable hard drive just gave up on me. Thing is, I have saved a lot of content there that I want to get. When I plug it on the computer, it is recognised by the machine as a USB device. When I check its content, it says that it is filled with content but when I open it, I don’t see any folders or files. I tried it on a friend’s computer and it just shows two folders named “Folder.0000” and a recycle bin icon. I was thinking that this could be viruses so in didn’t double-click and open them. I am quite tech-savvy but this problem is something new to me.