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WD Hard Drive Data Recovery Emails

Western Digital Caviar WD3200JB 320GB IDE
My Western Digital Caviar WD3200JB has suddenly stopped working on my Vista computer. Upon checking it, it is still detected on BIOS, device manager, and disk management. But on the disk management setup, it is detected as “Uninitialised, Unallocated”. This is preventing me from assigning a drive letter to it. If I try to initialize the IDE, an I/O device error shows up. The hard drive is fine from the outside. I am sure it was not dropped or damaged. When I use it, I don’t hear any noises like most damaged hard drives do. The PCB is good and I am sure my data is still on the disk but I cannot get at it. I strongly believe that it is broken as such due to a virus, which is making the drive unreadable to data recovery software. I have tried running a data recovery software on it but the drive is undetected. Testdisk cannot find the partition either. At present, I am using EASEUS Data recovery quick partition search on the drive but it is performing very slow and not working.

WD Western Digital My Passport ULTRA 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Drive BLACK
I have two external hard drives plugged on my computer at present and the newer one, the WD My Passport ULTRA, which I purchased a couple days ago, seems to be acting up. I was copying files directly from one external hard drive to another, and I don’t want to waste time transferring files from one hard drive to local to another hard drive. While doing this, the new hard drive froze and copying ceased. A “No Responding” error showed so I left it as is for quite some time but it didn’t resume so I assumed it stopped. I removed it from the computer without safely removing it since it is frozen, which I did before without any problems. But now, when I plug it back in, it no longer shows up on My Computer. From the outside, everything looks okay and there are no noises produced by the hard drive.