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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop


I got a blue screen message from my Acer Aspire laptop, and I have not been able to reboot into Windows. I have eventually decided that I cannot start the laptop up, and that it is probably dead. I decided to purchase a SATA cable, and recover as much data as possible from the hard drive. I put the drive into another laptop, and connected it through the SATA cable. I can see the old OS, as well as a couple of disks. However, I am not able to get any files from the drives. I have run a search in My Computer, as well as getting into Computer Management, where the disk shows as Backup, and there is a FAT32 file system. When I try to open the disk, I can’t and right clicking will not bring up any options. It only offers me the option of deleting my partitions, which I don’t want to do. I have been trying to get at this data for a couple of days now, and I don’t want to do anything which will mess up the files.


I have a serious problem with an Acer laptop which has a bad hard drive. The drive keeps giving notice that it is about to fail: ‘predicted failure’ is almost its middle name now. The system repeatedly warns me that the drive is not very good, and when I try to open up any of the files, it often takes me 4 to 5 goes to get the file loaded into Word or Photoshop, and now I cannot open any files at all. I need a recovery company to extract all of the files on the hard drive, including Sims files, Music downloads, and Movie files, among other folders. I most really want to save the pics, which contain a lot of family images, and also something that I did for an art show. The latter pictures are almost a CV of some of my work, and so I need to keep those files.