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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I have an Asus A6U notebook which is not now working as it should. I am not able to get the system to work out what is wrong. The essential problem is that I am not able to start up the Windows OS. What is happening instead is that I am getting a page which says ‘press any key to start Windows’ and when I select the mode I want (for example Start Normally or Safe Mode), then the machine will just cycle back to the same screen. I have not shut down Windows carelessly, or had any updates or installations which might affect the OS. I have a lot of data stored on files in the machine, and I really need to be able to recover this quickly.


I have an Asus Vivobook which is relatively new. However, I am experiencing a lot of problems with it centred around an update in Windows. When I first started using the system, about 6 months ago, I found that it regularly froze up with no movement. I don’t watch a large amount of movies or play too many games, but it will just seize up without any notifications. This happens all the time, when I am just browsing the web, or using a PDF, or even just staring at the computer, waiting for it to freeze. However, the main problem now is that, after doing a mandatory update which took more than an hour to install, the system has frozen completely. I get a message saying that the system is updating, almost as soon as I turn the machine on, and then there are two options – either update now, or close the computer. I do this, and the system starts loading the update, then reboots, and when I am in the Windows screen again, I get the same message.