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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I have been using a laptop, I’m not sure of the maker, which uses Windows XP. I mainly use it for games and entertainment, but there is still some data on there which I need to recover. What happened was that I was downloading a game from the internet, using my Steam account. This seemed to be going fine, until suddenly the laptop crashed. I was forced to restart it, and since then the system has not been working well. Since that time, I have not been able to get the computer to start up at all. I can turn it on, but it will not boot up, and instead goes into a cycle of constantly turning itself off and then on again. I have to remove the battery from the back of the laptop to make it stop this. I have tried all kinds of processes, including starting in safe mode, including options such as with networking or with command prompt. I have also tried to reinstall the system to Last Known Configuration, and have even gone to a restore point some months past, with no success at all.


I have been using a Lenovo U410 which has not been working correctly for a while. The problem started when I accidently tried to reformat the hard drive on the laptop. I am not able to recover the data which is on the computer, rather than the hard drive, and which I had planned to extract before I started to format the drive. I don’t have the recovery partition, because the system came with an external hard drive, and so the recovery partition was deleted.