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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I have a Sony Vaio laptop which is suffering a problem with many blue screens of death. I was handed this laptop by a friend who wanted me to cure a problem with a Blue screen of death warning talking about memory management. I invented a quick solution, and then got the laptop booting up into Safe Mode, and working well. However, I then ran a second diagnostics tool, trying to find the source of the memory problem, and the BSOD changed its message to IQRL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. I thought that this was directly related to RAM, rather than to the system itself, so I did a memory test on the RAM. There was no error. I decided that I had to try an OS restore. I then got another BSOD which said that there was BAD POOL HEADER. I am now confused about what all these messages mean, and now we cannot get into the laptop at all. I would like to recover data which is on the drive.


I have a Sony Vaio SVE151 laptop which is having problems when I start it up. It boots into the Vaio screen, and I can hear the hard drive start up, and everything seems as usual, until I get a message saying ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’. This will stay on the screen for a while, and I have to wait for it to continue onto the next process, which is ‘Diagnosing computer’. It then runs a repair, but stops before it reaches the end, and puts out a message saying ‘repair disk errors’. This whole process, from start to finish, can take over an hour to get to this stage. However, the system does not F1 me, but instead just shuts down. I am not able to get past this screen, and I am nowhere near getting into either BIOS or the OS for the laptop. What is more important is that I need to recover data on the hard drive in the system.