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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I have a Toshiba MK3265GSX laptop which is not working. The laptop was dropped about two weeks ago, by someone else, and since that has happened, the laptop has been very slow in operating. It will often take 20 minutes to load up to login screen but won’t let me login. However, it was working ok until a couple of days ago, when it started to make a buzzing noise, and I can feel the disk vibrating, but it does not appear to be turning round. I am wondering if the dropped laptop could have broken the hard drive spindle?


I am having some problems with a Toshiba Satellite C650 PC laptop, which has until recently been running Ubuntu. I had also added a dual-boot system with Windows 7. I thought that this was working well, but recently I have discovered that some files are ‘falling off’ of my hard drive. On the Windows 7 OS, I have created a partition in NTFS, which I have labelled Storage. This is a 242GB partition, and around 40gb of that had been used. I use this partition in both Windows and Ubuntu. I also had a downloads folder, which had about 60GB of files, on the drive. When I was looking through these files recently, I saw the folders just vanish completely. Everything that was in the Downloads folder has gone, except for one empty folder. Properties shows that the folder size is zero, but when I look in the drive, it says that there is about 40gb of storage used. I have tried a few recovery programs, but have got nothing back.