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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I need help with a Windows XP operating system. I have a relatively new PC which did not come with an installed operating system. I decided to put a Windows XP system onto the drive, and this worked fine for a while. I have loaded up data from other drives, and also have a lot of internet pages and other systems saved in the libraries folder. I don’t want to lose all of this data, but I am struggling to recover the operating system. When I was working on the computer last night, the hard drive suddenly stopped spinning. I could clearly hear the sudden ending, and so I panicked, and turned off the computer. On restarting, the computer won’t load the OS, and instead says ‘error in loading the operating system’. It will not boot up into the installation disk, nor will it allow me to escape into BIOS. I can’t do anything except shut down the computer after this message appears. I have to save the data that is currently on the machine, and I need the assistance of data recovery experts in order to recover the information.


I have a problem with a Windows Vista operating system. I have a pair of hard drives, one of which I want to carry a Windows 7 installation. I also want to reduce the amount of data on the Vista system, so by creating partitions so that each OS would have a separate partition of each own, I want to spread the data load. I used partition manager, and created a partition in one of the drives. However, when I came to reboot, I saw a number of messages, including one which said that the computer was ‘moving data’. I thought that would be part of the partition process, and left it to carry on overnight. The computer shut down while I was asleep, and when I went to start the computer, I saw that it had frozen up. I rebooted, and the computer now says ‘No operating system found’. I tried a reboot, but that didn’t work. I am not able to see either of the data systems which should be working on the computer, and I don’t know what else to do in order to recover the data.