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RAID Server Repair


I need help with a server which I have been using as the main storage unit for my company. There are four disks in the array running a RAID configuration although I can’t remember the number. Recently, I noticed that there was a red light blinking in front of one of the drives on the server. I pulled the drive out, then reinserted it, and then booted up the computer, as usual. I then got the first error message, saying that I needed to initialise one of the drives. I turned off the server, and took all of the drives out, plugging them into another server which is connected to the same computer. The original server was Linux, and so the Windows server they are now installed in cannot see the data.


I have a server hard drive array which was set up with a RAID configuration. The HP ProLiant server which is running the array (I have several hard drives working together), suddenly crashed, and when I rebooted it, there was a report that the first drive in the array was not working properly. The error said that the firmware had locked the drive so the computer could not read the data. I tried to repair the hard drive, but when I replaced it into the server there was another error message saying that the drive was disabled. The computer asked me if I wanted to enable the drive, but said that data would be lost. I tried to look at the RAID controller through the utility system, but I could only see two partitions and the array itself has a large red cross by it. I know that re-enabling the drive will certainly cause me to lose data, so I have decided to leave it to specialists like yourselves.