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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I have been using a set of 2 hard drives configured in a RAID 0 array, both of which have failed at the same time. These were attached to a laptops server, and I have been working with them for quite a long time, saving a lot of data to the drives. Now, there is a problem, so that while the drives still sound as though they are working, the computer says that they are not booting up correctly, and I am really not able to do a test on the drives. They are both the same model, in the Seagate range, and I don’t really know anything else about them. The big problem is that I need to recover the data on the drives, and particularly to ensure that some of the drives are not damaged. These are work files which are essential. I have already tried using a handful of RAID recovery programs to reconstruct the drives, but I can’t get them to work.


I need some help with a pair of raid 0 hard drives. These drives were originally in a Windows computer, and are now being used as part of the raid 0 system in an array. My problem is that they are not working, and the computer is putting out a series of errors, and won’t read the data which is contained in the disks. The main error is ‘Unmountable boot volume’ which occurs when I try to run them using the array. I can’t use the controller in the array because of this problem. When I take these drives out the array, the remaining raid 1 disks work fine. When I reinsert the hard drives, the array doesn’t work again. The system also responds to this reinsertion by saying that the drives can’t be read because they are corrupted or unbootable. I have stopped trying to fix the problem now, because it is beyond my small technical knowledge.