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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I have a Buffalo Linkstation which has been causing me some problems. I recently had a message from the computer which told me that there was a Bad System Config Error, which I understand to be common to those who suffer computer crashes with this Linkstation. In the server, I had an OS installed into a RAID 1 array connected to the Linkstation, and these two disks should have been an identical mirror of the other. However, when I have looked for the operating system on either disk, I can’t see it. I have tried to put the disks into another computer through a SATA cable, but this has not worked. I have completely lost track of where the array has located the operating system. I need the Office and Excel data back from the system as it contains vital work files I need.


I have tried to upgrade a Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo Server which has a RAID 1 array connected to it. There are two disks, each with around 1TB of storage, and I wanted to replace them with 2 drives, each with 2TB of storage. I have bought the same make of disk, just different sizes. I have tried to get Linkstation to view the new disks, which are set up alongside the old hard drives while I transfer the data. I thought that this had been done successfully to begin with, and so I removed the older hard drives. However, when I tried to look at the data, I found that it was not working. When I look under File System, I can only see 500GB of content, when I know that there should be a lot more data, at least 750GB. I put the old hard drives back into the array immediately, but the computer will not accept them or read them. I have a serious issue now where it seems as though lots of the important files transferred from the old hard drives have been lost.