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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Imation Flash Drive 8GB
I have a flash drive that heats up after being inserted into the USB port for just 1 minute. Like, even if there were no files being transferred, it would heat up to a point that it was just disturbing. The main problem though has to do with my PC detecting it as a flash drive. For some reason, it was being identified as another drive letter when I already have it in my computer. To be specific, I already have an E drive but the flash drive, when inserted, gets identified as another E drive as well. I tried to connect and reconnect it hoping that it will somehow reset itself to how it’s supposed to be but it kept on happening again. Please help me out as the files are really important to me and I have not been able to make a backup prior to the problem on the flash drive.

Sandisk Cruzer Fit 32GB Flash Drive
The drive was fine for the first couple of weeks of use. No hitches whatsoever until a couple of weeks ago when it started to get a little sluggish. It started to transfer files in an incomprehensible speed. It was taking hours to transfer some files and then it would later abort the operation and screw you over. If I stick in the flash drive, it gets detected but I cannot access the. They just refuse to open or freeze up my entire laptop when I try to do so.