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LaCie Data Recovery


I am hoping that someone can help me with a Lacie external hard drive. I have 1TB on this drive altogether, with a 900gb partition and another of around 50mb. All of the other space is not used, or not allocated. I decided that I would encrypt the 900gb partition using non-system methods. This all seemed to work well, but suddenly, when mounting the partition with the program I have always used, the Lacie hard drive suddenly rebooted itself. When I turned the program back on after the rebooting, there seemed to be no partitions, and I was getting an error asking me for passwords, or telling me that there is no partition visible to the program. I tried to restore as much as possible, but even after this, when I try to remount the partition, it is as though the data has failed. I now have a problem in that I have an encrypted partition which is no longer visible to the software used to create it, and which would not be visible to the regular My Computer system anyway.


I made a small mistake with my Lacie Quadra external hard drive, and now it seems as though I may have lost all of the data on the drive. I was trying to delete some data which was accidentally replicated, but seem to have clicked over into the hard drive for some reason, I don’t know quite what. Anyway, suffice it to say that I have deleted all of the information on the hard drive, and seem to have uninstalled the drive somehow. I only pressed delete and then OK, so nothing serious should have happened. However, the operating system had been instructed by me to not delete data or write over it, just to erase them. It seems as though I should be able to recover the data I am missing, and the data box says “Most files can be recovered through data recovery software when this option is checked”. So it seems as though I should be able to recover some of the files that have been deleted. However, after a scan with a recovery program, which took more than 36 hours, I was only able to recover a small amount of my files, all with RAW data.