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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I am having problems with a Packard Bell OneTwo computer, which was working fine until the start of the week. At that point, I heard a loud pop! when I started up the system. There was no smoke, and no burning smell, but it had clearly overheated. I have changed the power supply cable, but it is clear to me that the hard drive has been fried. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to get into the drive, even when I run it as a slave beside an older OS computer. The computer will recognise the drive in the enclosure, but there is no spinning, and there is nothing to see on the screen when I go into the array’s folder. I have lots of data on the drive which I would like to be able to recover, and I don’t know how I am going to do this without professional data recovery assistance.


I have a Packard Bell OneTwo 5710 which is giving me a bit of trouble. The first year, it worked splendidly, and then about 14 months in, it started to overheat. It would shut down all the time because of this overheating problem, and I am not able to do anything with the computer to get it to stay online. This shutting down constantly makes transferring data onto another drive very difficult, because I am not able to copy for any length of time. I have already lost a couple of pieces of data which were important, and I am not prepared to risk the rest of my data.